3 AM

It's 3 am and you're in my head again. I should be thinking about him, but instead, you - engulfed with guilt of feeling something for someone else. Five minutes have passed and I am now enraged; of how the universe could be so cruel in making us meet then tearing us apart. And at [...]

The In-between

Maybe she was a lost soul after all- Swaying back and fourth From the sun and the stars, Not wanting day and not wanting night, Not wanting to be here nor there. Stuck in the in-between. The in-between of connection and distance, Of confusion and clarity, Of drought and drowning in emotion. She wanted to [...]


Accompagne-moi; Apporte ton alcool et écoute-moi s’il te plaît On parlait beaucoup Depuis un certain temps je me demande Qu’est-ce que tu es devenu? Tu es distant Sans  cœur Penser que nous étions magiques Toutefois, on pourrait aller même jusqu’à ça T’avais terriblement peur derrière tout ton sarcasme Peur d’être blessé Quoi qu’il en soit [...]