Grieving the Loss of Someone who is Living

Missing you is similar to the undecidedness of the changing of seasons. Missing you is the irritation of the blankets sealing too much heat, and without them it is indeed freezing. Missing you is the absolute and utter confusion of me still caring for you even though I probably shouldn’t. A wasp’s sting hurts less... Continue Reading →



Accompagne-moi; Apporte ton alcool et écoute-moi s’il te plaît On parlait beaucoup Depuis un certain temps je me demande Qu’est-ce que tu es devenu? Tu es distant Sans  cœur Penser que nous étions magiques Toutefois, on pourrait aller même jusqu’à ça T’avais terriblement peur derrière tout ton sarcasme Peur d’être blessé Quoi qu’il en soit... Continue Reading →

Jasmine Tea, Moon Ogling & You

Within the night You’ll first find yourself inquisitive about the night sky. You’ll find yourself intrigued how the highways sound similar to an ocean. You’ll find yourself fascinated by how your thoughts differ at 3am opposed to midday. You’ll find yourself infatuated with the serenity the darkness offers. You’ll find yourself. Because that is you... Continue Reading →

Tea & Coffee

Perhaps that’s the reason you drank tea - You needed the calm soothing aura to tame your wild oddity, It also explains why I drank coffee - I prerequisite the exhilarating spontaneity. At first glance, no one would categorize you and I in the same box, Your soul mimics the sounds of crackling flames, The... Continue Reading →

Geneva Protocol

It’s a humorous thing when our atoms touch, The Cerebrum stops my thoughts and actions, But my Limbic System senses you. My bloodstream gets dosed with chemicals, Blood vessels dilated, My heart is under strain. Gaseous exchange becomes grim, Core temperature rapidly rising, Skin is reddened to crimson, Stomach alkaline is incapacitated. Serotonin feeding my... Continue Reading →


Phosphenes (n) - The lights or stars when you tightly close or rub your eyes. They're usually caused by a temporary increase in pressure inside the eyeball - such as that caused by rubbing the eye - which stimulates the cells of the retina automatically, giving the appearance of lights when there is no light... Continue Reading →

Secrets of the Nightly Hours

I have always found something serene about the nightly hours, The Earth is never as tranquil when the Sun radiates. And as the Moon controls the tides, The darkness propels our thoughts, Do we truly comprehend what we wish to possess. We are vulnerable, exposed with not one stitch on our skin. The night knows... Continue Reading →

The Paradoxity of Rain

I remained awake, And listened to, The mesonoxian rain that fell Quite prominently. The rain that could be heard, But not seen. The rain that broke the silence, But did not disrupt the silent. The rain that prompt emotion and thought Also prompt numbness and oblivion. The rain seen as a divine sanction, Or a... Continue Reading →


Oh to hear the kettle hum, in the silence of the morning. To hold a bag tied to a string. So much potential he contains. So much happiness… The bag is reluctant to bathe in boiling water, but I guess he warms up to it. The tea bag releases its contents – swimming, floating, relaxing.... Continue Reading →

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