Grieving the Loss of Someone who is Living

Missing you is similar to the undecidedness of the changing of seasons. Missing you is the irritation of the blankets sealing too much heat, and without them it is indeed freezing. Missing you is the absolute and utter confusion of me still caring for you even though I probably shouldn’t. A wasp’s sting hurts less... Continue Reading →


To my Brother, I am thankful

Tyrell, as I am writing this you are on a plane to visit Las Vegas and I am ecstatically happy for you! I'm proud to be your little sister, as looking up to you and loving you is one of easiest things I’ve done. I'm proud to call you my big brother for the person... Continue Reading →

The Sun is Inhaling its Last Breath

Well, hopefully not know anyway, but eventually… In terms of probability, if an occurrence is constant, then the chances of that occurrence not happening are next to none. But should we take that for granted? It’s the little things: your mother’s homemade meals… love… freedom. Little things – which we just expect them to be... Continue Reading →

To my French Teacher

«Bonjour Madame – comment ça va?» «Ça va bien merci Teegan, et toi?» «Ça va, ça va.» «As-tu apportes tes livres de poésie?» «Oui madame.» «Très bien!» I attended French lessons almost every Saturday last year, (my wonderful school could not offer lessons themselves.) I was accompanied by three other lovely “filles” once every second... Continue Reading →

They’re just Ramps.

It had been a month and half since my family and I moved back to South Africa, two months since my last school attendance. It had become a habit to sleep late in the day and do absolutely nothing. When I left my old school in Botswana, I had only done a third of year,... Continue Reading →

Africa? You mean Home

“The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa – for he has so much to look forward to.” – Richard Mullin. Travelling in Africa has been a massive part of my upbringing, it has made me the person I am today and it defiantly has had an impact... Continue Reading →

En chante

Hi, this is my first post, so in a sense I am losing my "blog virginity". Let me start off with I have an undeniable appreciation for: writing, for words of any language and as an individual, I think it is important for one to be able to express themselves in the most passionate way... Continue Reading →

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