To My Future Partner

Dating me will be a little a lot different than all the girlfriends before me. I'll be skeptical at first, because my dating pool consisted of egotistical boys that wanted me on their conquest list, (as if fucking a disabled woman is a high achievement) and the boys who adopted me as their little sister/self-pro claimers [...]

Grieving the Loss of Someone who is Living

Missing you is similar to the undecidedness of the changing of seasons. Missing you is the irritation of the blankets sealing too much heat, and without them it is indeed freezing. Missing you is the absolute and utter confusion of me still caring for you even though I probably shouldn’t. A wasp’s sting hurts less [...]

To my Brother, I am thankful

Tyrell, as I am writing this you are on a plane to visit Las Vegas and I am ecstatically happy for you! I'm proud to be your little sister, as looking up to you and loving you is one of easiest things I’ve done. I'm proud to call you my big brother for the person [...]