I Hope You Stop

I hope you stop.

I hope you stop carrying the solar system on your shoulders just to give people the love of the moon, sun and stars combined, for the stars you’ve given belong in your eyes. I hope you realize that people are truly are like sunsets, stop chasing them, another will come shortly. I hope the self-doubt stops, along with the urge to fill the void with people whom you could never claim as your own. I hope the tears stop and the poisoned thoughts that triggered them. I hope the burns heal, but knowing you; you’d throw yourself into the fire again just to feel anything but empty. The texting is fun, but you’re exhausted of initiating every one of them, I hope you stop trying when they do. I hope you stop altering yourself for those around you; you’ll never be too much for someone who cannot get enough of you. I hope you stop and take a deep breath. One day you’ll stop fighting for love because the right one will never stop loving you.

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