Flower Crown

why is it that your hair is permanently tangled, he asked.
my thoughts run through each strand never still,
every time my thoughts focused on you –
a flower would blossom.
rapidly my tangled knots had a variety of bouquets,
you made me feel free;
with all your colours and scents.
but I noticed that my thoughts were poisoning the flowers,
until they wilted dry.
my heart sank whilst watching my thoughts of you fade.
the clouds cried with me one night,
but did not drench me,
left my skin untouched by its pelting sting,
instead it soaked my hair,
washing away the dead forage that knotted my crown.
i watched the memories of you float at my feet.
i heard the birds singing as dawn broke,
to wake up half staggered surrounded by a flower bed
where the dried up flowers landed.

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