Jasmine Tea, Moon Ogling & You

Within the night

You’ll first find yourself inquisitive about the night sky.

You’ll find yourself intrigued how the highways sound similar to an ocean.

You’ll find yourself fascinated by how your thoughts differ at 3am opposed to midday.

You’ll find yourself infatuated with the serenity the darkness offers.

You’ll find yourself.

Because that is you at your most raw.

Addicted to another’s words

It was quite easy to fall into the habit of reading. It took my mind for a stroll rather than panicking about everything that wasn’t going to happen. Books are just as powerful as hallucinogens; they’re just the legal kind.


The most important activity you could do is to feed your ocean of a soul.

Lost and yearning to find my mind

I may be here drinking my coffee.

My body sitting at the table, my physical presence right in front of you.

My mind begs to differ.

It likes to wander to places, imagine situations, over think, yes, but never does things halfway.

Analyses every single thing until atoms split.

We all know what that does.

I might be right in front of you, but my mind is wild.

Learning how to love

Infatuation is when you think they are perfect;

Love is when you know they’re not, however you see the benefits in their flaws. You want them to expand on those benefits and help them grow into what you believe is their full potential. You’ll take your time, you’ll nurture, and you’ll support their crazy madness. You’ll love with all your heart. Infatuation is really the constant desire to have someone next to you. Yes, it can be quite difficult to differentiate the two, but soon time will tell your sincerest feelings towards them.

A galaxy all on her own

Her hair was always messy because her thoughts ran through it like a river. She and the night sky have a deal; every time she smiles, she’ll receive her eyes in return. She had an embarrassing heart, it often fluttered at the wrong people; people whom she thought she could fix. Her shoulders were her greatest achievement; they held the solar system from time to time.

Looking at you and seeing myself

This is what you learn when you become an empath:

People are talking, just not verbally. Our bodies are aching to say what’s on our minds, but our lips are jail wardens. Body language is inevitable, words seeping through our skin. We are willing to speak only once we see ourselves in another; we look for the closest thing to a mirror, because who understands us better than ourselves? We seek familiarity. We want someone who relates to us, because we are petrified of being the only ones of ourselves. It’s in our instincts to find our kind.

I think of you as the sun kisses the ground

Diagnosed with nostalgia.

Wanting the summer sunsets to return,

So we can serenade them once more.

City veins

Ever watched the roads for a while and wondered?

Wondered the reasons of why people are choosing to drive in the direction they’ve decided to?

It could be a parent driving home to see their children just before they fall asleep.

It could be a young adult driving to his favourite night club. Or driving back from it – plastered.

It could be an 18 year old experiencing her freedom for the first time.

It could be a person rushing off to the hospital.

It could be a couple driving to their favourite pizzeria.

It could be a family on their way far from the city.

It could be a person who just lost everything, looking for a place to stay.

It could be a person with no destination at all, just driving until the roads lead to somewhere calm.

Ying and yang

Like the Sun and Moon,

The sea and sky,

The light and the dark,

We can be quite opposite

But somehow similar in different aspects.

Escape back to home

I think I find some sort of refuge in poetry,

It’s more than just an admiration for words

that intertwines ever so gently.

It’s a form of intangible comfort,

comfort of the mind,

comfort of the soul, that another feels what

you feel in every section written.

It’s the relativity; it’s the connection of similarities.

The calm and the storm

She looks sweet, harmless,

innocent and all things simple.

Oh darling, you are so easy to deceive.

For the right reasons,

she can make the ground underneath you sink

and the skies above you whirl.

For the right reasons,

she can make your life

an exciting yet serene environment.

She will make you strong,

and weak all at once.

Love her; you’ll always remember how she made you feel like you were the last person alive.

Lose her, you’ll never forget how much you miss her, because she saw you at your worst and still welcomed every part of you.

She doesn’t give up unless forced to.

For the love of tea

My obsession with tea is that it soothes me, a person who is prone to over-analyse even the most atomic things. It calms my anxiety, a form of mindfulness and meditation if you will. The smell of an earthy plane, the aroma is always familiar to my heart. The warm water, especially on cold days, relaxes every nerve I’ve petrified. Tea is my sanity, tea is my love. Tea makes me live in the moment.

Thank you

For a person who takes a thousand steps in her bazaar mind before her feet touch the ground, the idea of binging on food we shouldn’t eat and driving around town sounds like madness – but it’s with you. 2am conversations aren’t as frightful as I once found them – because it’s with you. The more you’re around, the more I’m able to become the person I wanted to be if I wasn’t afraid.

  • A tribute to those who make us a better person, who allow us to open up without pushing and make us realise that anything could happen tomorrow – just do whatever your heart yearns for.


These are the moments you hold on to. Hold them tightly wrapped in your heart, and they will stay with the sound of laughter echoing and the image of happiness imprinted in your mind.

Precision of the mind verses the instinct of the heart

To possess an endearing heart and a sceptical mind is a torturous conflict. To follow your heart; your mind lectures you to guilt. To follow your mind; your heart never forgives you. It’s just a matter of which one you can live with –

Would you rather drown in your ocean of heart or your volcano of a mind? You can’t choose both, because what happens when an unstoppable force (emotional waves) meets an immovable object (stubborn mind)? – Both cease to exist. You cease to exist.

Through thick and thin

I’ve always been that type of person. The type of person who was never too busy for the ones I truly cared for dearly. The person who would answer the phone at 3am if a friend needed to talk. Irrelevant of what was going on in my life, I focused on the broken hearted person next to me. Being an empath, I feel the emotions of a person who’s willing to open up. I turned out to be everybody’s psychologist in a form, because I understood where they were coming from even if I’ve never been there myself.


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