To my Brother, I am thankful

Tyrell, as I am writing this you are on a plane to visit Las Vegas and I am ecstatically happy for you!

I’m proud to be your little sister, as looking up to you and loving you is one of easiest things I’ve done. I’m proud to call you my big brother for the person you’ve become.

I remember the Saturday mornings when I used to give you most rude awakenings by jumping on your bed, some morning you would be livid, others you would embrace me until we both go back to sleep. The afternoons where you would pop your head up over the school fence first before coming in to pick me up. How you checked for keys two roads away from our house (I wonder if you still do). At the age of 6, I could sing Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”’s chorus thanks to you. I remember the cuddles and they never seemed to be enough.

I remember the first phone call after about ten months you spent in the UK, hearing your voice in a British accent for the first time shocked the life out of me, but my heart was happy to hear you say, “Hello my little pumpkin.” During the time period between Kenya and Zambia, being so young and very emotionally illiterate, I wept after every phone call and Facebook message conversed. Every visit that occurred, I smothered you, but you didn’t mind I hope. I’d always act distant on the last day, that’s because I didn’t want to say goodbye. There were times I didn’t respond to your messages – I apologize.

The last visit, you did your famous hop-skip-jog towards me, apparently everyone balled their eyes out when you picked me up. I cried too.

In the three years we haven’t seen each other, you’ve been through a lot but you’ve come out head first. And look at you now, you’re becoming a dad! I swear being a dad will be second nature for you, with the amount of kindness within your heart.

Right now, for the reasons we’ve become closer, I miss you more than ever. Thank you Ty, for: being there, for listening and understanding me and knowing me better than I know myself. It gets difficult some days but that’s just makes me grateful when you’re near. I’m so happy with every photo posted to see you smiling.

Soon there will be photos of us laughing until we can’t breathe.

Love you lots like jelly tots.

Your little pumpkin xxx


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