Tea & Coffee

Perhaps that’s the reason you drank tea –

You needed the calm soothing aura to tame your wild oddity,

It also explains why I drank coffee –

I prerequisite the exhilarating spontaneity.

At first glance, no one would categorize you and I in the same box,

Your soul mimics the sounds of crackling flames,

The speed of light,

The tremble of a thousand super volcanoes,

You thrive on extreme enthusiasm and pleasure,

The perfect storm –

A storm in a teacup, if you will.

Whereas I think, radiate the glow of the Moon,

The smell of grass,

The tingle of rain on one’s skin,

Serenity, if you will.

I absorb pure tranquility.

The magnetism between us was unknown until we crashed,

Opposites on the surface of appearance, yes

But not below.


We share similarities that aren’t understood by the voluminous.

Or maybe we envied each other,

For you see, we have resemblance,

But our differences fitted one another’s.

For we wanted to be the person looking straight at us,

But strangely we already were.

For you see, whilst tea and coffee couldn’t be further apart,

In the way they taste and effects of consumption.

They both were nurtured from the earth.

Poem by: Teegan Masterten-Smith



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