Tea & Coffee

Perhaps that’s the reason you drank tea - You needed the calm soothing aura to tame your wild oddity, It also explains why I drank coffee - I prerequisite the exhilarating spontaneity. At first glance, no one would categorize you and I in the same box, Your soul mimics the sounds of crackling flames, The... Continue Reading →


Here’s what they don’t tell you about Possessive People

Possessiveness is the epitome example of “good intention, wrong method.” Possessiveness in the right amount is healthy in any relationship irrelevant of what the relation is, (romantic, friendship, family, pet etc.) this shows that the possessor cares and honestly is afraid of losing of what is possessed. Psychologically, a possessive quality is a survival mechanism... Continue Reading →

“Are you two dating?”

If you ever visit any of my social media pages such as my Facebook account or my Instagram account (which I shamelessly post habitually) you will take notice of my very philosophical aesthetic pictures, and also at the fact that every second photo has a friend accompanying me. I absolutely love posting pictures with my... Continue Reading →

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