A View on Love – from a Person who hasn’t been Romantically Involved

What is love exactly?

Ensuring the person is physically healthy, eating clean and if their immune system has crashed, insist on medication, warm beverages and lots of rest.

Ensuring the person’s mental state is not edging towards a breakdown or a burnout. Stress is natural but if it comes to too much, you’d be the person who would want to help your person to destress by partaking in one of their favourite activities.

Ensuring the person is emotionally stable.If not, you would want to just listen and be their shoulder to cry on when needed.

Ensuring the person is happy! In all aspects of their life; work, relations with family and friends and most importantly their self. If not, remind them how important they are to you, it makes a huge difference. Offer advice in terms of happiness in family and work life when times are strenuous.

Ensuring the person feels encouraged and supported. No matter how absolutely bonkers their ideas are, if you trust that he/she will pull through on their risky goals, you’ll believe in him/her 100%. (One has to be the totally necessary annoying cheerleader.)

Trusting the person! No excuses on this one, not secrets exclusively, but the promises they swear to keep, and that this person won’t intentionally hurt you. You have faith that this person will always come through. Vulnerability is scary and always will be, but it becomes easier along the way with a person you truly care for.

Having the time of your life, whilst in all the laughs and  random dancing, you’re wondering what the person is up to. Whenever something good happens (or bad) you’d pick this person to know the news first.

Calling them out when the person when they are being an idiot. This actually means you care about the relation you have with this person and whatever going on that’s making this person act in such a way, you want find out what’s going on to fix the problem. Also forgiving them, just because you hit a bump in the road shouldn’t change your feelings or opinions of the person, otherwise I guess you never felt that that way in the beginning.


Wanting the utmost best for this special person, sometimes that means it doesn’t involve you in their life. Obviously this is never the ideal but if you have the strength in putting their needs before your own, and if that entails you not being a part of the story, you love this person with all your heart.



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