Phosphenes (n) – The lights or stars when you tightly close or rub your eyes.

They’re usually caused by a temporary increase in pressure inside the eyeball – such as that caused by rubbing the eye – which stimulates the cells of the retina automatically, giving the appearance of lights when there is no light actually present. Derived from the Greek phrase (να αποκαλύψει το φως) “to reveal light”.

May you at tomorrow’s dawn;
Hear the rain
Lightly tapping on your window,
Gently waking you up as you are
Rubbing the sleep out of your blazed eyes.
May you see little phosphenes dancing behind
Your eyelids like the neon lights of the night before.
So colourful.
May you awaken hazed and slightly staggered;
Because of the bottles you became friends with.
I hope you unnerve your brain,
In search for the memories
As you are quite the charmer.
I hope you never stop being that bright light.
I hope you lose yourself and find yourself
At the same time.
I hope you remember me.
Poem by: Teegan Masterten-Smith




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