What I’ve learned in the Girls’ Bathroom

• That Suzie* is a slut;
• That Emma* thinks she’s royalty;
• And that the bathroom has the perfect lighting to take a selfie.

During this past week, the only reason of why I made frequent trips to the ladies’ toilets was to cool down my reddened skin complexion. I had experienced a few issues with social anxiety and to my nondiscretionary, my anatomy isn’t afraid to show my true emotions. That will be an article for another time.

I was never alone in the ablution facility, there was a fair amount of females going out or coming in. As I lock the door of my toilet cubicle, sit down and pace my breathing, I cannot stop myself from overhearing the conversations that hang in the air. “She’s done this,” or “She’s done that,” or “She’s done that with him!” Normally I would not be concentrating on such a topic of conversation because frankly it didn’t involve me or anyone I know, but these girls were harsh. I know, I know it’s judgmental for accusing a stranger for being judgmental – so I am being hypocritical I admit. But why have your two cents worth in a bathroom? The people you’re talking about, they don’t care about what is happening in your life; otherwise they would be in the bathroom with you. The reason of why whispering is only allowed in the bathroom is because women do actually, deep down, feel ashamed about talking behind people’s backs.

“Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, but large minds discuss ideas.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

There are literally millions and millions of conversation topics that withhold so much more positivity than misjudged gossip. Why not engage in on ideas to stop world poverty or even show enthusiasm for the possibility of compressed hydrogen replacing our fuel supply? Why not feel passion and show fire in your eyes when talking about a new hobby you’ve obtained. Why not debate politics, current affairs, celebrate another opportunity that is today? Why waste your thoughts on how someone else is living their life? At least they’re living it the way they want to. Can you say the same for yourself? That is the thing, someone brought it to my attention that we only care when it affects us directly. Why should we care that hydrogen is our next supply of energy or the fact that the world is hosting the 3 billion people more than it can sustain?

Even Blue Sky thinking is more brilliant and more beautiful than degrading human beings. If people would just channel their thoughts into ideas instead of people, the world would have a shot of surviving a lot longer than its prediction now. We could actually save our world instead of raping it currently. I mean we kind of owe it to Earth don’t you think? Being our home for so long and this is how we repay it.

*Names have been changed.


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