Misunderstood Artists: A Chain of Thought

I fail to understand how society differentiates between or rather interprets what is and isn’t a good influence in the field of pop culture for people. There are so many cases where: parents disallow their children to view “certain” artists, teenagers start to judge other people for supporting “certain” artists and as a community we label those whom are inspired and have admiration towards “certain” artists. I use the word “certain” to call a specific group of artists that are known for being expressive in a way that pupils aren’t normally at ease with, and usually get criticized for sending out the wrong message. But, I have always said this and I will repeat myself, “Everything is a paradox, how we view it is what really is imperative. How we interpret things in life shows a true image of ourselves.” There have been artists whom have been accused of promoting rape in their music videos when in actual fact these artist held their own by stating that they were liberating women’s sexualities and that women should be allowed to enjoy sex as much as men without being labelled. Unfortunately these videos are done in a raw egalitarian approach, because in the ugly truth there is no other method to grab an audience’s attention to realize that this is a serious topic that needs to be dealt with immediately. People are ignorant. We choose not to see the horrible occurrences in life, and to be honest that it is not a bad thing, it is a method of psychological survival, but do not emasculate those who see the world differently from your point of view. If people want to make others aware of ideas and go against the ideas we have been indoctrinated with – let them, if they change your perspective, which is great, if not that is your right to choose and your responsibility with reason. There have been artists that have been called, “followers of Satan” and anyone who admires them is also Satanic. Needless to say this judgment generally goes toward Heavy Metal singers and bands, because for some peculiar unknown reason screaming and droning your lyrics is predetermined as a form of worshipping the devil. This enlightens my next argument against generalization, I’ve always believed in individualism. To treat persons as an individual and not as their prescribed stereotype of the group they supposedly belong to is crucial. For there are thousands of deleterious stereotypes that people do not wish to be associated with and we have to at least learn how to respect that, because what is more tiring than proving yourself to people who do not acknowledge it? People discard the content of what these outgoing artists present to the public. May the content be: freedom of expression/ speech, patriotism, world-peace, anti-racism/sexism/bullying/prejudice, anti-homophobia and basically trying to make this planet a better place for future generations. But unfortunately, because humans are so sensitive, the content could win a noble prize for its brilliance but the way it is structured is what gets noticed. We have become a society that could not care less about the message as long as it is wrapped in gold and attached with roses. “It is never what you say, but how you say it.” But we have come to the realisation that sometimes there is no soft way to put before the public the harsh undertakings that we are oblivious to. These harsh undertakings do not deserve awareness that is put forward with flowers and rainbows. These occurrences should be exposed with brutality, transparency and full on emotion, because emotion has an effect on humans. Emotion drives us to actually do something, and that something should be to change the world we live in.


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