The Paradoxity of Rain

I remained awake, And listened to, The mesonoxian rain that fell Quite prominently. The rain that could be heard, But not seen. The rain that broke the silence, But did not disrupt the silent. The rain that prompt emotion and thought Also prompt numbness and oblivion. The rain seen as a divine sanction, Or a... Continue Reading →


All in a Month’s Etymology

Noon was originally 3pm. [Noon is a corruption of the Latin word for ninth, “novem,” and originally referred to the ninth hour of the Roman day – reckoned by modern clocks to have been around 3pm. Noon was first used in this sense in the Old English period, before it finally came to refer to... Continue Reading →

To my French Teacher

«Bonjour Madame – comment ça va?» «Ça va bien merci Teegan, et toi?» «Ça va, ça va.» «As-tu apportes tes livres de poésie?» «Oui madame.» «Très bien!» I attended French lessons almost every Saturday last year, (my wonderful school could not offer lessons themselves.) I was accompanied by three other lovely “filles” once every second... Continue Reading →


Oh to hear the kettle hum, in the silence of the morning. To hold a bag tied to a string. So much potential he contains. So much happiness… The bag is reluctant to bathe in boiling water, but I guess he warms up to it. The tea bag releases its contents – swimming, floating, relaxing.... Continue Reading →

The Fight for Sympathy

I don’t know what saddens me more; that there is no compassion in humanity or that I hope there will be. On January 5th 2016, the President of the United States gave a speech on how he plans to tighten gun control in the US. Obama’s reasons mentioned the Second Amendment, the death toll caused... Continue Reading →

They’re just Ramps.

It had been a month and half since my family and I moved back to South Africa, two months since my last school attendance. It had become a habit to sleep late in the day and do absolutely nothing. When I left my old school in Botswana, I had only done a third of year,... Continue Reading →

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