Passion or Poison?

Passion – defined as a strong and barely controllable emotion over a fascination or interest. What if it is something more?

A passion will wake you up at three o’clock in the morning,
Force you to drink too much coffee and rouse your first smile.
It will motivate you,
Lead you to possibilities and drive you insane.
When you speak of it,
Speak of it as you would speak of a loved one in a poem,
with tenderness proceeding your tongue and fire in your eyes.
When you think of it
it will cloud your mind, like no other drug discovered by man.
That you feel the rush,
the adrenalin accelerating your heat beat.
In that moment – nothing exists.
Everything is dead.
Only you are alive.
Alive enough that you excrete your sweat,
pour your tears and drain your veins until the very last drop.
Inhale and absorb what makes you live but not human.
You are not human.
You are your passion.
It will give you insomnia because you over actively dream of it.
It will consume you.
It will kill you.
It is your poison,
and you are addicted.

“Find what you love and let it kill you.” – Charles Bukowski

Poem and Artwork By: Teegan Masterten-Smith



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