On Interview Magazine’s cover with Kylie Jenner

We all know what caused the uproar from these photographs. That they somehow managed to be approved to go on the cover of Interview Magazine.

Kylie Jenner posing quite provocatively, dressed in latex stating that using a wheelchair as a prop tickled her fancy. The physically impaired community, who need the assistance of a wheelchair, were not impressed. The concept that a physically able person using an asset that has given so many people the gift of movement was treated as a fashion accessory. The fact that Kylie is seen in one and it is viewed “chique” but an ordinary Joe or Jane, who have been using one their entire immobility point, it is an item with no glamour potential at all.

What also does work in Kylie Jenner’s favour is the circumstance that she is Kylie Jenner. She is part of the most talked about family in America. The more publicity; the more chances of bad publicity – and unfortunately I do not think that her family’s mistakes have not made it easier for her to set her own path. She is still very young and will make her own mistakes, and like all of us that go through life, they will blow up in her face. I do wish, however, that she feels some slight remorse and hopefully is more careful when doing a cover shoot the next time.

Interview Magazine, in their defense, stated that they were trying to be creative and did not mean to offend anybody. I personally do not see the creative angle they were aspiring for but because I am not qualified in such an industry. That alone, proves that Interview did not research their marketing properly enough for their audience to comprehend their message. The point of visual presentation is to make their idea or concept clear for all to understand, yet subliminal for it to be clever. They were relying purely on Kylie’s status to sell their magazine. I believed the magazine when they explained that they did not request to offend anyone.

One in five Americans have a disibility – that is 20% of the United States’s population. In terms of business, it is a market big enough to take in consideration. A market big enough to determine the amount of turnover if they are not pleased. Not only does Interview Magazine have to be aware of their target markets, but also  have to know that if they are found guilty of any form of discrimination, they lose customer loyalty and develop a bad reputation. In conclusion: a loss of sales.

I know it may seem invaled of me to put my opinion foward when I do not use a wheelchair for assisstance, so therefore I should not judge this matter. But there was an incident that forced me rather to not use my crutches and be stuck in a wheelchair. The smug face of irony. The fact that my wrist gave in, was the reason I lost my freedom. It is quite astonishing how we, as humans, take the little every day occurances for granted.

To those who do use a wheelchair for abetment – you possess such strength, it is almost exceeding a human’s limitations. You are superheroes with the way you carry on with a smile. You give others hope.

What angered me the most, and I say this with the utmost respect to those who were hurt, but we automatically assumed the very worse from those photos. Yes, Kylie has her so called “haters” but did we stop to think that maybe the magazine aimed to empower the handicapped community? We, as a society, form a bull-headed opinion before seeing the other side of the spectrum.

I am not defending Kylie. She did make a wrong move to go through with this cover shoot, but she has admitted that she has been bullied and considering that she is who is she is in terms of her fame, that does make sense. I generally do not trust that she meant to hurt anybody either. If she has experienced bullying first hand than I am sure that she thought that these photos were of no harm.



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