Open Letter to You, the Anxious Ones

It feels like you're running out of time, or rather the fear of time running out. It wants time itself to stop, not in the example of death, but for it to freeze. So even just for a moment, you had the power to control everything. Anxiety has this deep need of self-centrism; for you... Continue Reading →



It was how the waves rushed to the shore, but pulled back in. It was the thorns too close to the petals, and the nectar left alone. It was the anticipation, waiting to hear thunder simultaneously after lightning hit. It was sweaty palms and a broken voice, only to say nothing, if anything of a... Continue Reading →


i’d watch him; reading a book concentrating intensely on that one page and repeatedly push his hair back, but failed in trying to get it off his face. the tense look upon his face broken by his smile – oh that smile he possessed. i’d watch him; his fingers dancing across the fretboard of his... Continue Reading →

Flower Crown

why is it that your hair is permanently tangled, he asked. my thoughts run through each strand never still, every time my thoughts focused on you – a flower would blossom. rapidly my tangled knots had a variety of bouquets, you made me feel free; with all your colours and scents. but I noticed that... Continue Reading →


Accompagne-moi; Apporte ton alcool et écoute-moi s’il te plaît On parlait beaucoup Depuis un certain temps je me demande Qu’est-ce que tu es devenu? Tu es distant Sans  cœur Penser que nous étions magiques Toutefois, on pourrait aller même jusqu’à ça T’avais terriblement peur derrière tout ton sarcasme Peur d’être blessé Quoi qu’il en soit... Continue Reading →

Jasmine Tea, Moon Ogling & You

Within the night You’ll first find yourself inquisitive about the night sky. You’ll find yourself intrigued how the highways sound similar to an ocean. You’ll find yourself fascinated by how your thoughts differ at 3am opposed to midday. You’ll find yourself infatuated with the serenity the darkness offers. You’ll find yourself. Because that is you... Continue Reading →

To my Brother, I am thankful

Tyrell, as I am writing this you are on a plane to visit Las Vegas and I am ecstatically happy for you! I'm proud to be your little sister, as looking up to you and loving you is one of easiest things I’ve done. I'm proud to call you my big brother for the person... Continue Reading →

Tea & Coffee

Perhaps that’s the reason you drank tea - You needed the calm soothing aura to tame your wild oddity, It also explains why I drank coffee - I prerequisite the exhilarating spontaneity. At first glance, no one would categorize you and I in the same box, Your soul mimics the sounds of crackling flames, The... Continue Reading →

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